About Stillness

Stillness is a bi-monthly spiritual practice circle for the spectrum of trans, qpoc, womxn, cis women and non-conforming femmes of color. The 2nd Monday of the month focuses on cultivating awareness around habitual thoughts and feelings by contemplating the wisdom of contemporary authors of color and Buddhist texts on the nature of mind. After contemplation we delve into the practice of sitting and walking meditation.

On the 4th Monday we protect, release, manifest, surrender, evoke and heal through ritual. Rituals vary from writing workshops, movement meditation, crafting spiritual talismans, collective tarot readings and connecting with ancestors. Stillness grows a council of femme practitioners of color aware of their power, and capable of focusing energy for personal and collective transformation.

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Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month
Location: Shambhala Chicago, 37 N. Carpenter St. 
Time: 7-9pm
$20 Suggested Donation.
No one turned away for lack of funds.


The spectrum of the Femme identity includes a range of experiences and expressions. If you will be attending please make sure you understand or are working to understand the complexity of gender so that every femme identified person is respected. 

The following articles are a bit of a gender/femme 101 to get you started.


- We are co-creating this healing space.

- Anyone is allowed to feel anything at anytime.

- Trust the wisdom of your body.

- Incomplete thoughts allowed.

- Make space. Take space.

- While in circle, ask if feedback/opinions are desired.

- Take responsibility for your healing within and beyond this space.

- Confidentiality.

- Consensual hugs are healing.

In Stillness you will learn:

- Tools to build a creative personal spiritual practice.

- To cultivate a spiritual relationship to nature.

- To develop compassion towards yourself through intimately understanding your cycles of thought and emotions.

- How to discern your thoughts from the wisdom of spirit.

- To move through the world from the wisdom of your body.

- To dissolve toxic femininity in a community that affirms the immeasurable worth of all femmes of color.

- The capacity of the breath to heal.

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Because Black, Brown and Indigenous femmes hold a lineage of magic that can be active within us and inform our daily lives. Before, during and after the moments when nothing else makes sense, we are guided by spirit.

Because we show up for ourselves, not for tolkenism, commodification or to fulfill a delegated roll of possessing strength as a marginalized person. We reclaim sovereignty over our own bodies, our voices and our souls.

Because healing and liberation must engage the shadow self and the wisdom of darkness. We cultivate the tools to navigate all of our dimensions for a more balanced and integrated future.

Because Stillness is a space for the evolution of YOUR golden expression. Come to listen for the personal practices desired by your own integrated self.

Because Indigenous wisdom holders are few and far between. We practice the knowing that with no guru’s or masters we hold all wisdom within. 

Because going within creates the potential to experience the healing simplicity of breathe.

Because as Stillness grows, so does a resource of constantly deepening holistic mental, physical, community wellness and spiritual healers.

“Stillness meditations flow from Sojourner’s kind heart and deep spirituality. Under her guidance, I have learned how to sit compassionately with my own thoughts, breathe deeply, and become more familiar with myself. I appreciate the patience she brings to the practice, as well as the knowledge she shares about the many different ways we can heal and be healed through meditation.”

— Jade Perry, Stillness Participant