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Is the real, creative, brave and happy you dying to break free?

Book RECLAIM to give you the meditation, play, reflection tools and supportive community to start living your BEST life.


RECLAIM meditation + facilitation services provide
a toolkit of practical and creative awareness practices that will help you to trust that your body, your breath and your imagination are powerful enough to guide you to your highest potential.







Let us create a personalized journey for you that will affirm and help to birth who you already know that you are.

Based on your need we will craft a program that includes but is not limited to

-creative practices
-connecting with nature
-one on one check-ins

To help you live the creative and beautiful life that only YOU are capable of living.


Group / Corporate

-Restorative retreats for your entire company

-Healing space for your LGBTQ2IA+ staff of color.



Customized workshops, coming of age gatherings & peace circles to build connection at your community center’s or in your families.


Stillness: Bi-monthly Meditation and Ritual for Femmes of Color

Stillness is a bi-monthly spiritual practice circle for the spectrum of trans, qpoc, womxn, cis women and non-conforming femmes of color. The 2nd Monday of the month focuses on cultivating awareness around habitual thoughts and feelings by contemplating the wisdom of contemporary authors of color and Buddhist texts on the nature of mind. On the 4th Monday we protect, release, manifest, surrender, evoke and heal through ritual.

About the facilitator


Sojourner Zenobia

Sojourner Zenobia (she/her and they/them) is a Chicago-based storyteller, performance artist and ritual-space holder. She graduated from Naropa University (Boulder) in 2006 with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Performance and a minor in Buddhist Philosophy. She studied performance at the School at Steppenwolf (Chicago) under Alexandra Billings in 2009 as well as Pantheatre (Paris) in 2011 with a focus on Vocal Training and Choreographic Theater. She went on to study energy work and ritual at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago (2011), peace circle training through Circles and Ciphers (2014), and in 2015 completed the Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute in New York.

Sojourner’s artistic process lives at the intersection of spirituality and performance and has opened gateways for her to be received in Chicago’s underground performance scene as well as it’s healing community as a facilitator of ritual, specifically centering love and the brown body. She is the founder of Soul Journey Productions under which she works as a solo artist, director and event curator and more recently founded RECLAIM as a conduit for facilitating holistic meditation for individual, group and community-based clients. Her work as a teaching artist in classrooms and communities is geared towards facilitating re-connection with self, nature and tribe through the arts.

Sojourner leads people to investigate the beliefs they hold about the world to reveal illusions and explore manifestations of freedom. As a vessel, she seeks to magnetize people into a vortex of love and awakening that can lead to reflection, wholeness, connection and gratitude.



“Stillness meditations flow from Sojourner’s kind heart and deep spirituality. Under her guidance, I have learned how to sit compassionately with my own thoughts, breathe deeply, and become more familiar with myself. I appreciate the patience she brings to the practice, as well as the knowledge she shares about the many different ways we can heal and be healed through meditation.”

— Jade Perry, Stillness Participant
We were a group of office folk who were mostly unfamiliar with meditative practices. Sojourner made us feel at ease as she guided us through simple loosening and awareness exercises. All we had was a conference room full of swivel chairs, but for half an hour, it was a temple. When we returned to our work, we all felt open and ready to let the creative juices flow.
— Eli Halpren, Founder, Cards Against Humanities
My business partner and I sensed that we needed to unify our office, so at a friend’s recommendation we hired Sojourner to come in and lead us through a guided meditation and ritual. We found her to be an amazing storyteller with an extremely soothing voice. She made us all feel comfortable and found a way to get everyone involved.

It was so much better than a mediator, not just people complaining but our staff talking about how they wanted to be better people at work and in their personal lives. She held a safe space for our collective and individual healing processes. My staff commented that the experience was cathartic. I highly recommend Sojourner!
— Michele Young, Owner- Division Chiropractic and Acupuncture